We offer a wide range of HR services, tailored to the specific requirements of organizations of all sizes and in all sectors. Whether your need is for compliance advice, the development of essential documentation, the implementation of health and safety practices, or specific assistance with compliance with Bill 25 and the protection of personal information, our offer will meet your expectations. Find out more about our customised solutions and how we can help you achieve your HR objectives.

Law 25 Compliance

The complex intricacies of Law 25 and the protection of personal information can leave even the most seasoned HR professionals feeling overwhelmed. Navigating its nuances requires expertise, resources, and unwavering support. Stay ahead of the curve and achieve Law 25 compliance effortlessly with our specialized services.

  • Law 25 Toolkit
  • Law 25 Documentation
  • Unlimited Law 25 Advice

HR Documentation

Crafting compliant, effective HR documentation is no walk in the park. It's a time-consuming marathon of research, drafting, revising, and version control. Say goodbye to the hassles of manual documentation and hello to instant, compliant, up-to-date resources from our extensive HR Hub.

  • Unlimited access to HR Documentation
  • Unlimited Documentation Requests such as policies, forms and checklists
  • Employment Agreement
  • Employee Handbook

HR Compliance

Staying ahead of the ever-evolving landscape of employment regulations can be a full-time job in itself. Our comprehensive HR Compliance suite takes the weight off your shoulders, giving you peace of mind knowing your organization is always operating within the boundaries of legislative requirements.

  • Unlimited access to HR Documentation
  • Unlimited Legislative Training
  • Unlimited HR and Law 25 Advice

Health and Safety

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees goes beyond meeting legal obligations; it's a strategic investment essential to the success of your organization. Our health and safety services provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to focus on risk prevention, create a safe working environment and look after your most valuable resource: your employees.

  • Health & Safety Prevention Program
  • Health & Safety Forms
  • Unlimited Advice on Health and Safety

HR Assistance

Whether you run a small business with limited human resources or a not-for-profit organization facing unique challenges, our dedicated HR support team is ready to help. By providing expert advice on a wide range of HR topics, supporting managers, and addressing employee concerns, we position ourselves as your partner in developing a positive and effective workplace culture.

  • HR Resource for your Leadership Team
  • HR Contact for your Staff
  • Employee Discipline, Terminations
  • Employment Contract Templates
  • HR Compliance Policy Manual Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the price calculated?
Once you select the program that is right for you, the investment required is based on the number of employees in your organization.
What if I’m not happy with the service? Will you reimburse my money?
You get full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with our services. No questions asked! Keep anything we developed for you as we stand by all the work we produce!
When does the service start after I pay?
You get service immediately! We set up your first call with your HR Expert. They will line you up for success by immediately concentrating on the core compliance components of your business.
What happens to my documents when legislation changes?
Just like you are an Expert at what you do, we are Experts in HR, and our job is to keep you and your organization compliant. Our HR Experts monitor the many different employment regulations that could impact your policies and procedures and we advise you when a change could affect the enforceability of your documents. We communicate with you in order to make aware of the change and how it affects your business.
How are you different from other providers?
We pride ourselves on what we are not. We are not a HR consulting group that will come in and try to fix one issue and then leave you to figure out how it all works together. We are not an HR Software you need to learn how to use and apply to your business to get any value from. We are your HR partner over the long term, acting as your resource to call to answer and question or develop any HR document you may need. We will guide you through any HR issues you may have, but also lead you to develop your organization and your people to get and give the most to your employees.
If we are less than 5 employees, are we too small to use the service?
No, as soon as an organization has 1 employee - there are rules they need to follow and comply with. Many of our clients have under 5 employees and need help keeping up with Employment Regulations and the many different and complicated situations that arise in their businesses.